Hi, My name is Dean Race and I have been mining in Historical Chicken Alaska for the past 16 years. Franklin Bar, on the south fork of the Forty-mile Mining District, was discovered in 1886 and turned out to be one of the largest gold discoveries in the Forty-mile District. Goldfever Prospecting currently holds title to 16 miles of claims just past this famous discovery. Some claims have never even been touched.

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This once in a Lifetime Mining Adventure is being offered for the 10th year in a row to those of you who have always dreamed of mining, prospecting, fishing and exploring the Alaskan wilderness and finding some REAL GOLD. If you have never been to Alaska, you will be amazed by the almost twenty-four hours of daylight.

Just imagine, finding gold all day, standing on the banks of the South Fork catching trophy sized Arctic Graylings until your heart is content, hiking in the back streams doing a little sniping or just hanging around the campfire enjoying some of the stories of years gone by.

Goldfever will have a 2-hour training session on the first two days of your trip with ongoing instruction and assistance throughout your stay. We will instruct you on dredging, high banking, fine gold recovery, sniping and the history of the Fortymile Mining District.

We currently have 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch dredges on the river as well as High Bankers, Sluice boxes and a Goldfield Shaker. With our All Inclusive packages, you will have the ability to run whichever dredge or high banker you feel comfortable operating up to the 6-inch and will be instructed on the same. Two members will be teamed up on each of the 5-inch and 6-inch dredges. The 8-inch dredge is reserved only for experienced miners and is part of a separate package (these dredges will suck your arm off). All gold produced from the 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch dredges will be split equally among the members running that equipment. All the gold found is yours to keep.